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Three Musings on God


Art Song | Mezzo/Medium Voice and Piano

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Three Musings on God is a setting of three poems by Northwest poet and friend, Katie Hill. The vivid imagery in each poem is captured through a focus on lyricism, word painting, and a focal musical element. Contemplation is harmonically more open and dissonant, and utilized elements of the Pelog scale from Balinese Gamelan. Within the piece there is a reoccurring motive that interjects between different ideas; like someone reconsidering an idea after thinking about other aspects of it. Ascension of Larks focuses on rhythm through increased variation, and use of the hemiola, a two against three accent pattern. The melodic contour was also consciously considered when bringing the poem’s images to life. Each song has a dedication, Contemplation to my mom, mezzo soprano Jeri Swatosh, Ascension of larks to my grandparents, Larry and Judy Swatosh.