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Hi, I’m Drew Swatosh (they/them) an autistic, femme trans/non-binary composer, vocalist, and engraver based in Vancouver, WA. I come from a background in arts-integrated education and write music that’s informed, interdisciplinary, and eclectic.

I most often compose vocal music including art songs, opera, and choral music, but projects have included some chamber music, electroacoustic music, and an in-progress wind ensemble work. Some of my work writing for singers includes how to write for singers who identify as trans/non-binary.

I use composing as a means of processing the world around me which includes social justice, intersectional feminism, climate change, and grief. One of my favorite things is working with performers during the compositional process and integrating their musical and non-musical interests into the work.

As a singer, I advocate for repertoire by historically excluded composers and enjoy singing both solo and choral repertoire. Here are some of my favorite works I have sung.

Feel free to reach out with any questions, a friendly hello, or to discuss a potential collaboration and I look forward to being in touch!

Current Projects