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Choral | SSATB and Opt. Piano | 2.5′

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Product Description:

PDF score of Interim. 

Please note: 10 copy minimum. Please purchase one copy per member of your choir.

Program Note:

Interim, set to the poem of the same name by Lola Ridge, presents the text between two identical, unresolved sections to highlight the sense of being in-between or in transition. The harmony in this piece is mostly created through the use of pedal points (repeated notes) or step-wise movement, allowing for a slower, more gradual harmonic motion. Overall, I want to create a sense of contemplative reflection of the past, awareness of the present, and celebration of the future.


SSATB Choir & Optional Piano



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Lola Ridge

The earth is motionless
And poised in space …
A great bird resting in its flight
Between the alleys of the stars.
It is the wind’s hour off ….
The wind has nestled down among the corn ….
The two speak privately together,
Awaiting the whirr of wings.